How is the A-String worn?

The A-String comes with an anal ball that is connected to the thong with a press stud, making it easy to attach and remove.

We recommend placing the part where the anal ball is connected to the thong directly over the perineum. This area between the anus and the vagina/scrotum is ideal for a comfortable fit. However, feel free to experiment a little until you have found the right position for you.

The anal ball should be inserted as deep as necessary for the A-String to fit comfortably. Essentially, the deeper the anal ball is inserted, the more tightly the A-String fits. Still, we encourage you to try out what feels best for you.

A-String Thong

How should I care for my A-String thong?

We recommend the following care instructions for your A-String thong:
wash at 30°C; do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean.

A-String Thong (Latex)/Latex Care


Latex by its own nature is a fragile material and great care needs to be taken in its handling and storage.
Prolonged exposure to light, in particular direct sunlight and fluorescent artificial light with a high ultraviolet content should be avoided, ultra violet rays have a degrading effect upon latex.
Latex is inherently flammable and must be kept away from naked flames.
Avoid direct contact with metal objects as these can lead to staining.
Latex tears easily and you need to avoid sharp objects. Take off all jewelry when putting on or taking off your garment.
Please take care when making use of the press stud closure and place your fingers on the fabric flap surrounding the press stud.
DO NOT use oil based lubricants.

Shining Your Latex

To shine, please use a latex shiner.

Washing Your Latex

When taking off your latex thong you must ensure you clean it properly by washing it to remove any sweat from the surface of the latex.
Fill your bathtub or a bucket with some hand warm water, put one or two drops of mild shampoo or baby shampoo (normal clothing soap can cause problems) in and wash your latex with it.
Afterwards rinse it well with fresh water (so that no shampoo remains).
Put it on a hanger (wooden or plastic) and let it dry.
Before storing, however, it is a good habit to distribute some Talcum Powder to keep your latex nice and matte while it is stored away.

Storing Your Latex

The thong should be stored either in the WILDYOU box or in a dark plastic clothing bag in a cool, shaded, dry place.
Before being stored away give your thong a light dusting with talcum powder to prevent the surfaces sticking together.
When taking out of storage use a latex polishing liquid to remove all traces of talcum powder and your thong is ready to be worn once again.

A-String Toy

How big is the toy?
The diameter of the A-String toy is 26mm/1.02in.

What material is the toy made of?
The A-String toy is made of skin-friendly silicone.
How should I clean my toy?
Before and after use, the toy should be cleaned using warm water and mild soap or a dedicated toy cleaner. Please avoid using harsh detergents or aggressive disinfectants, as they could damage the product and irritate the sensitive tissue it comes into contact with when in use.
What type of lubrication is compatible?
If you wish to use a lubricant, please choose a water-based product. Silicone-based lubricants can damage the surface of the toy and make cleaning it hygienically difficult. Water-based lubricants, in contrast, can be removed easily using just water and mild soap.
Can the A-String toy be used on its own?
No. Please use the toy exclusively with the thong. Only when attached to the thong is the toy safe for anal use as this prevents the toy from being inserted too far.

Connection Ring

How do I use the Connection Ring?

Use the Connection Ring to connect your anal plugs to the A-String.
Place the ring around the anal plug and attach it to the thong using the snap fastener.
Please ensure that the anal plug is anal safe. The bottom plate of the anal plug should be large enough to prevent the anal plug from being fully inserted.

What material is the Connection Ring made of?
The Connection Ring is made of skin-friendly silicone.